The kingdom of Numidii worships their king as an avatar of Kish, god of the sun and the desert, ruler of death and rebirth. Each year, the king ages rapidly, drained of his life by the priesthood, and on the day of his death, a new boy is chosen as king. As such, the true power over the land is in the priesthood, who exercise it with contempt for the living. The byzantine structure of the priesthood is incomprehensible to an outsider, and made no easier to understand by the fact that most of the higher echelons are undead. The council of nine rules the priesthood – nine liches of power beyond belief. Because the undead rarely expire, progression through the ranks of the priesthood quickly becomes a violent undertaking, and all of the higher ranks of the priesthood trust nobody, because trust can get them destroyed.

The ultimate goal of the priesthood is to see the work of Kish completed – to destroy the very memory of the dead gods and the worship of all other things, until only Kish remains.

Numidii is rich with gold, which is found in great quantities under the dunes, welling up from under the earth till it reaches the surface. As such, gold is seen as holy by the priesthood, and mere peasants are not permitted to touch it – instead, all gold is used to decorate temples and buried with the dead. Any who can afford a good burial do so, buying a tomb somewhere out in the shifting dunes and having themselves embalmed. The riches of Numidii are protected by a veritable army of mummies.

The grand library of Kabira, said to contain all the knowledge in the world is filled with
mummies, the corpses of great scholars, busy with an eternity of study.


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