A proud people, the dwarves have a racial tendency to look down on the other races as uncivilized barbarians. Living deep under the Lenzaka mountains, in a land of great splendor and riches, the dwarves like to keep themselves isolated from the outside world.

The primary concern of most dwarves is what happens after death. They firmly believe that their souls will be absorbed by Zaka’taang upon their deaths, and as such do their best to keep alive the traditions that the warlocks say will improve quality of life within the arch. This is not only out of a deep respect for their ancestors, but also because they want future generations to care for the arch as much as they do. As a result of this, they often turn a blind eye to the present and instead care for the arch, each fulfilling their own tasks. As such, dwarven society is often small-minded and self-absorbed.

Dwarves also tend to believe that all jade is a connexion to the central arch, and value jade more highly than any other material.

The mines of Lenzaka have long produced riches, but at great risk – the deeper the dwarves burrow, the more they have to battle monsters and other horrors, who grow gradually stronger the deeper they get. Because most of their contact with the outside world is through trade, the dwarves cannot allow outsiders to hear of the gradual depletion of the mines – lest the other nations decrease the amount of food that they trade away for valuable dwarven goods at the outer trading posts. Instead, they continue to act as though they have limitless wealth, while poverty eats away at the roots of their society.

Dwarves have an appearance that would generally be described as Asiatic, tending towards black hair and green eyes. The men often wear intricate facial hair, mustaches and beards that are carefully cut into detailed patterns. The womenfolk tend to wear complex braids and keep their hair long. Monks will usually be clean-shaved, however, and the warlocks will keep all of their hair shaved – even the eyebrows. This often appears somewhat disconcerting.


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