It is said that the Elvish empires once ruled the world, but that they were brought low by the rising power of mankind, destroyed by their own hedonism and decadence. Rumors say that the final act of the empire was to curse Ilimbera and Numidii, driving the very life from the soil of the ground. It has now been thousands of years since those days, and the few elves left in the world hold desperately onto the last remnants of their former glory.

The wood elves populate the northern forest of Dancroab, forced to live in this inhospitable land by the cataclysm, which destroyed their ancestral forests. Now, they barely survive in place that hates their very presence. They fight a slow, quiet war against the forest itself, incapable to forming it to their desires as they could their former home. The elders who lead them remember the old ways, and shamanic prophets advise them. Now, they train those who come to them in the old ways, the ways that the priesthood of Kish would rather see wiped out. Raiding parties occasionally set out from the forest, gathering food and other resources from parts of northern Ilimbera.

The high elves, who once ruled all the lands from the Swarteberch to Szamberek are now restricted to the small island of Deoraicht. Day and night, they sing of the glories of their empire, and mourn its passing. They are caught up in a racial hopelessness, a nihilism of uncaring. If the jewel that was the empire fell, what could possibly matter now? Some few, disillusioned and restless, set out looking for adventure.

The least heard from tribe of elves are the dark elves, the drow. They live in clans somewhere in the Swarteberch, raiding into the lowlands in search of slaves, attacking caravans and killing any strangers they come across. It is thought that these are the descendants of elves who tried to reconquer their ancestral lands from the humans long ago. Instead, they were driven back under the ground by the combined forces of Ilimbera, Sterzeme and Numidii, and have been forced to live there ever since. Nobody knows the true extent of their empire, though some have claimed that drow have been seen in western Lenzaka in recent years. If this is true, their people could be as populous and powerful as the Ilimberans above them. Few are ever seen beyond the Swarteberch, usually criminals sold into slavery or exiles forced to live above the ground, and the reputation of the Drow means that they are hated and shunned.


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